Have a tree that needs to come down or some logs that are ready to be put to use?

Bring them to us and we can transform them into usable lumber. Please call ahead for an appointment.

Preserve memories of this beautiful natural product by constructing a forever piece.Your tree/log is much more valuable after being properly cut into lumber.

​Although we do not take trees down, we can recommend qualified tree services that will preserve the value of your timber.

If your tree is still standing, call us for advice on how to maximize it’s value before cutting it down.

We can pick up your logs at your location. “$200 within 20 miles of our location
(additional charge for further travel)

Even though we are King Mesquite, we can mill any type of wood you may have.

Milling Service Rates are: “$150.00 per hour, includes milling and one blade. If additional blades are used, $50 per blade.

• No guarantee on number of blades that will be needed. We will consult with you throughout the process as to time and blade usage.
• 1 hour minimum @ $150.00 for milling and first blade.
• All logs will be milled to your specifications.
• Once completed, lumber will be available for your pick up. We will load onto your vehicle.


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King Mesquite Sawmill Services