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King Mesquite is a working sawmill and lumber yard. We sell mesquite in all shapes and forms. Dimensional, slabs, planks and rounds. Both live edge and straight edge. Prices start at $8 per board foot (length in inches x width in inches x thickness in inches divided by 144 gives you board feet) and goes up from there. We sell other items by the piece based on size and character. We also carry stumps, logs, poles, etc. In other words, mesquite in all forms. Our mesquite is air and/or kiln dried. We do not sell mesquite that is not ready for use.

Our shop also offers straight edging, squaring, planing and sanding services. We carry mesquite plywood, and mesquite flooring.  We now carry large slab GUANACASTE. Large slabs up to 6 ft wide and 16 ft long or more.

King Mesquite Lumber

Firewood Available

$15 for 30lbs, $150 for pick up bed load. Sawdust available at $6 per 30lb bag.